Class PhaseEvent

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    public class PhaseEvent
    extends EventObject

    PhaseEvent represents the beginning or ending of processing for a particular phase of the request processing lifecycle, for the request encapsulated by the specified FacesContext.

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    • Constructor Detail

      • PhaseEvent

        public PhaseEvent​(FacesContext context,
                          PhaseId phaseId,
                          Lifecycle lifecycle)

        Construct a new event object from the specified parameters. The specified Lifecycle will be the source of this event.

        context - FacesContext for the current request
        phaseId - Identifier of the current request processing lifecycle phase
        lifecycle - Lifecycle instance
        NullPointerException - if context or phaseId or Lifecycleis null
    • Method Detail

      • getFacesContext

        public FacesContext getFacesContext()

        Return the FacesContext for the request being processed.

        the FacesContext for the current request.
      • getPhaseId

        public PhaseId getPhaseId()

        Return the PhaseId representing the current request processing lifecycle phase.

        the phase id