Interface UniqueIdVendor

  • All Known Implementing Classes:
    HtmlDataTable, HtmlForm, UIData, UIForm, UINamingContainer, UIViewRoot

    public interface UniqueIdVendor

    UniqueIdVendor is an interface implemented by UIComponents that also implement NamingContainer so that they can provide unique ids based on their own clientId. This will reduce the amount of id generation variance between different renderings of the same view and is helpful for improved state saving.

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      • createUniqueId

        String createUniqueId​(FacesContext context,
                              String seed)

        Generate an identifier for a component. The identifier will be prefixed with UNIQUE_ID_PREFIX, and will be unique within this component-container. Optionally, a unique seed value can be supplied by component creators which should be included in the generated unique id.

        context - FacesContext
        seed - an optional seed value - e.g. based on the position of the component in the VDL-template
        a unique-id in this component-container