Class ApplicationConfigurationPopulator

  • public abstract class ApplicationConfigurationPopulator
    extends Object

    This class defines a java.util.ServiceLoader service which enables programmatic configuration of the Jakarta Server Faces runtime using the existing Application Configuration Resources schema. See the section 11.3.2 "Application Startup Behavior" in the Jakarta Faces Specification Document for the specification on when and how implementations of this service are used.

    • Constructor Detail

      • ApplicationConfigurationPopulator

        public ApplicationConfigurationPopulator()
    • Method Detail

      • populateApplicationConfiguration

        public abstract void populateApplicationConfiguration​(Document toPopulate)

        Service providers that implement this service must be called by the Jakarta Faces runtime exactly once for each implementation, at startup, before any requests have been serviced. Before calling the populateApplicationConfiguration(org.w3c.dom.Document) method, the runtime must ensure that the Document argument is empty aside from being pre-configured to be in the proper namespace for an Application Configuration Resources file: Implementations of this service must ensure that any changes made to the argument Document conform to that schema as defined in the specification. The Jakarta Faces runtime is not required to validate the Document after control returns from the service implementation, though it may do so.

        Ordering of Artifacts

        If the document is made to contain an <ordering> element, as specified in the section 11.3.8 "Ordering of Artifacts" in the Jakarta Faces Specification Document, the document will be prioritized accordingly. Otherwise, the runtime must place the document in the list of other Application Configuration Resources documents at the "lowest" priority, meaning any conflicts that may arise between the argument document and any other Application Configuration Resources are resolved in favor of the other document.

        toPopulate - The Document to populate with configuration.