Interface AfterDeploymentValidation

  • public interface AfterDeploymentValidation

    The event type of the third event fired by the container after it has validated that there are no deployment problems and before creating contexts or processing requests. If any observer method of the AfterDeploymentValidation event throws an exception, the exception is treated as a deployment problem by the container.

    No requests will be processed by the deployment until all observers of this event return.

    CDI Lite implementations are not required to provide support for Portable Extensions.

    David Allen
    • Method Detail

      • addDeploymentProblem

        void addDeploymentProblem​(Throwable t)
        Registers a deployment problem with the container, causing the container to abort deployment after all observers have been notified.
        t - The deployment problem as a Throwable
        IllegalStateException - if called outside of the observer method invocation