Package jakarta.ejb

Class NoSuchEntityException

  • All Implemented Interfaces:

    public class NoSuchEntityException
    extends EJBException
    The NoSuchEntityException exception is thrown by an entity bean instance to its container to report that the invoked business method or callback method could not be completed because of the underlying entity was removed from the database.

    This exception may be thrown by the bean class methods that implement the business methods defined in the bean's component interface and by the ejbLoad and ejbStore methods.

    Note: Support for entity beans is optional as of EJB 3.2.

    EJB 1.1
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    • Constructor Detail

      • NoSuchEntityException

        public NoSuchEntityException()
        Constructs a NoSuchEntityException with no detail message.
      • NoSuchEntityException

        public NoSuchEntityException​(String message)
        Constructs a NoSuchEntityException with the specified detailed message.
        message - a String object.
      • NoSuchEntityException

        public NoSuchEntityException​(Exception ex)
        Constructs a NoSuchEntityException that embeds the originally thrown exception.
        ex - a Exception object.