Interface MimeTypeRegistry

  • public interface MimeTypeRegistry
    The MimeTypeRegistry interface is implemented by objects that can be used to store and retrieve MimeTypeEntries.

    Application must implement MimeTypeRegistryProvider to create new instances of the MimeTypeRegistry. Implementation of the MimeTypeRegistry can store MimeTypeEntries in different ways and that storage must be accessible through the MimeTypeRegistryProvider methods. Implementation of the MimeTypeRegistry must contain in-memory storage for MimeTypeEntries.

    • Method Detail

      • getMimeTypeEntry

        MimeTypeEntry getMimeTypeEntry​(String file_ext)
        get the MimeTypeEntry based on the file extension
        file_ext - the file extension
        the MimeTypeEntry
      • getMIMETypeString

        default String getMIMETypeString​(String file_ext)
        Get the MIME type string corresponding to the file extension.
        file_ext - the file extension
        the MIME type string
      • appendToRegistry

        void appendToRegistry​(String mime_types)
        Appends string of entries to the types registry
        mime_types - the mime.types string